Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ashley - Halloween Wreath

Ok gearing up for Halloween and it's been my goal since I started this blog to try and start doing crafts made from just dollar tree materials. I have pulled that off for the first time and am so thrilled with how it turned out! Ok so I started by buying these plastic skulls. I bought 12 of them and then finished up my shopping by picking up some black roses, some plastic bugs, and some black stringy cloth.

I cut out a cardboard foundation to glue everything to and started by just doing a quick black layer of paint to hide the cardboard

After the paint dried I started by gluing down the black cloth. Take your time and really mess with draping it, it took me a little bit but I got it to work :)
Then I laid out my skulls and started to hot glue those. Next I moved on to the black roses. I glued them in between each of the skulls to help really fill out the wreath.
And then last but not least I glued on my creepy crawlies :) and viola! You have a creepy yet thrifty halloween decoration to put out on your door!
Tomorrow night I will have to try and weave in the purple lights that I bought and get some more pictures for you. Check back for the update!

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