Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ashley - Minnie Mouse Party Part 5

So been trying to take party decorations and put a new spin on them. Last year I bought those little fans that you hang from the ceiling?

Well I had mentioned before that I had been cutting out tons of minnie mouse heads, well those were for these. I took some ribbon ( couldn't find what I wanted so I bough some white shimmery ribbon ) got out the glue gun and scissors and got to work :)

And you can see the Adorableness that turned out!

Now only 38 more heads to glue ( One on each side of my twenty fans ) Enjoy!

UPDATE: Better pictures for you and an idea on how to hang them. I'm going to hange them from the ceiling like it shows on the packaging so my fans are double sided but if you wanted to hange them like garland on some string it's pretty cute too :) Let me show you!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Ashley - Minnie Mouse Party Part 4

Ok so I have been trying to think of something that I could do for a hanging for my door for Melody's party. Melody was asleep though and I really didn't feel like running to the store and spending more money when I could make soemthing here with the stuff I already had. So with that in mind this is what I came up with.

I did this with some paint, cardboard, some left over card stock (because I didn't think to cut the ears out of the cardboard too lol ) a piece of wire, and some bits of left over pink polka dot streamer.

First I sketched out the number I wanted on some cardboard sitting in the recycling bin.

Next I cut it out. After I cut it out since the cardboard was corregated ( Pardon my spelling if it's incorrect ) I took some masking tape and sealed the sides so it would have a more finished edge.

After I was done with that I got the paint out. For the bottom half I first painted it white.

Then while that was drying I painted the black and then finally the pink. I used a piece of scrap cardstock cut out in the shape of a circle to help me outline my polka dots. I had to do a bit of touching up but it worked out pretty well.

Then since I didn't cut the ears out of the cardboard (duh) I used some left over card stock again to make the ears and hot glued that into place.

Then I took some scrap pieces of polka dot streamers that I was thinking about using for her party and folded it and glued the ends together. Then I took another scrap to wrap around the middle of the bow and act like the knot and glued that in place.

I was a little bummed after this step because I thought I had soem ribbon left over from back when I made Melody's Minnie easter basket but I was wrong so instead of using that as a hanger I had some wire from a project that is the same color as my door so it blends in well lol. And I hot glued that into place and that was it!

An adorable hanger and I didn't have to spend anything! All in all a great day!!! lol Enjoy! Pin It

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ashley- Minnie Mouse Party Part. 3

Hey everyone! I have been working for days now cutting out what seems like millions of Minnie Mouse heads to use for the decorations for Melody's party and this is how I used just a few of those heads.

I've seen banners like this on pinterest and I thought they were just too adorable so I thought that I would try my hand at it and make a tutorial of it so you could make one too if you wanted to. First off let's get your supplies rounded up.

You will need:

Glue gun
Black Cardstock
Printer with Paper
Hole punch
Mickey/Minnie Mouse Silhouette printed out
Disney font
( you can find free ones, you can find them on pinterest)

First things first take your printed out Minnie Mouse head silhouette out and cut them out. You will use these to trace the heads onto the cardstock. I know it's hard to see in the picture I'm sorry I couldn't find a pen or pencil to make a easily visible line so I ended up using a red felt tip pen.

After you trace all your heads that you will need ( if your just writing out the words "Happy Birthday" you will need 13 heads) you will cut out the heads. Once all your heads are cut you will get your ribbon out and start cutting lengths of ribbon out to make your little bows. If you are having trouble making the bows you can look on pinterest and they have awesome tutorials with a step by step process. 

After you get them cut it's time to tie!

Now that you have all the bows made you can set them aside and fire up the computer. You can find the font I used on my pinterest account under party ideas if you're following me.

 I made the letters size 200 and I made them BOLD and I capitalized them all. Print out your letters making sure to first let the ink DRY and second to leave enough space in between them to cut your circles out around them. The guide I used to make my circles before I cut my letters out was actually the ribbon spool that you see in the picture up above. At any rate cut out your letters. Then it's time to get the gluestick and get to work gluing your letters to your Minnie heads.

So your letters are glued on now so we will move onto making the holes to weave your ribbon into. I have a tiny hole punch that makes these little baby holes so I actually had to hole punch 4 times in a line to make the holes big enough that the ribbon doesn't fold in on itself.

It didn't show either so that was nice, nobody will be able to notice if you have to make more then one punch. Go ahead and get all of those punched out and then we are on the final stretch. After your all done with that take your Minnie Mouse heads and weave them onto your ribbon in order like this.

This next step that I did is optional, what I did was I got my hot glue gun out and heated up and I spaced out the heads where I wanted them and I glued the ribbon and the head together so they won't get shifted when I store them (since the party isn't until Sept. 8th lol) and that way it won't pop my bows off if the heads shift around on the ribbon . But if you decide to skip that step you still need to plug in the glue gun so you can glue your bows onto the ribbon.

Remember a little glue goes a long ways.

Wait for your glue to cool and...... 

your new adorable Minnie Mouse banner is ready for the party!!!


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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ashley - Minie mouse felt head

Now I'm using this for Melody's party but I thought I would also put it in her room after it was all over too so she could have it to play with. I have seen pins on pinterest of women making them in the shape of christmas trees and other things so I wanted to try my hand at it.

Now these are the things that I used to make this head. The few things that I do not have pictured is the foam board,the glue gun, and the clasps that I will use to fasten it to the wall ( I am looking for the clear plastic clasps that hold mirrors in place but I have yet to find them. I will look some more tomorrow. ) 

I used a pizza pan to trace along for her head and a pot lid for the shape of her ears and everything else I pretty much free handed. I suggest that when you do this project pull up a picture of minnie when your cutting for reference.

This is after all my pieces were cut. I glued the ovals of the eyes together, the tan of her face together with the balck head shape, and the tongue into her mouth. 

you can also make your minnie mickey if you would like. I cut out some other bow and some polka dots so Melody can change out those. 

And there you have it! The end result. Like I said I will be hanging this differently once I find those clasps but I just wanted you to see it hung up and put together :) Until next time!!! Pin It

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ashley - Minnie Mouse party part 2

Ok so this mom has to get her rear in gear. I have two months to get all these minnie mouse decorations made for my little one's party! I am so super stoked. So I wanted to try this idea I had out for the plates. Now obviously I'm going to wait until the day is a little closer to make them all but I wanted to see if I would like it or not so here we go. I got this idea from this blog here : http://laurengeiger.blogspot.com/2011/10/ribbon-wreath-plates.html In the blog she makes a plate with ribbon woven around the edges so I decided to put my own little spin on the idea and this is how mine turned out.

The only thing I did different to make sure the plates would stay together was I hot glued the ear plates to make sure that they would stay together. But these are perfect for a party, one small plate for the snack food, one small plate for you cake plate, and the main larger plate for your meal. :)

And that table runner in the photos I also made that. It was super easy I bought two yards of fabirc from the local craft store and folded it long ways in half twice and just cut the folds off to make four long strips and then just folded the edges under and sewed the ends and BAM! You have four 6 ft table runners. I should be putting up more new posts soon of the decorations as I complete them so check back! Pin It

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ashley - Purses I made this past week

So about two and a half weeks ago my husband decided to volunteer me to make purses for a fundraiser for his unit. They were only expecting me to only make 3 bags but with this way awesome pattern I bought along with the rights to sell I decided to knock their socks off and make as many as I could. I got 8 bags done, which is crazy lol. They turned out amazing and there was lots of interest when I worked my 1 hour shift at the fundraiser. I'm very proud with how they turned out and I thought I would share :)

this is called the buttercup pattern and it is from this blog here http://www.made-by-rae.com/2009/02/free-buttercup-bag-sewing-pattern/ . Take a minute to look around her blog, she is awesome and it's one that I check regularly. Keep checking back to our blog too. I'm gearing up to make more minnie decorations, I'm only 2 months out from Melody's 2nd birthday so I have to get cracking! Pin It