Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ashley - Minie mouse felt head

Now I'm using this for Melody's party but I thought I would also put it in her room after it was all over too so she could have it to play with. I have seen pins on pinterest of women making them in the shape of christmas trees and other things so I wanted to try my hand at it.

Now these are the things that I used to make this head. The few things that I do not have pictured is the foam board,the glue gun, and the clasps that I will use to fasten it to the wall ( I am looking for the clear plastic clasps that hold mirrors in place but I have yet to find them. I will look some more tomorrow. ) 

I used a pizza pan to trace along for her head and a pot lid for the shape of her ears and everything else I pretty much free handed. I suggest that when you do this project pull up a picture of minnie when your cutting for reference.

This is after all my pieces were cut. I glued the ovals of the eyes together, the tan of her face together with the balck head shape, and the tongue into her mouth. 

you can also make your minnie mickey if you would like. I cut out some other bow and some polka dots so Melody can change out those. 

And there you have it! The end result. Like I said I will be hanging this differently once I find those clasps but I just wanted you to see it hung up and put together :) Until next time!!! Pin It

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