Friday, July 27, 2012

Ashley - Minnie Mouse Party Part 4

Ok so I have been trying to think of something that I could do for a hanging for my door for Melody's party. Melody was asleep though and I really didn't feel like running to the store and spending more money when I could make soemthing here with the stuff I already had. So with that in mind this is what I came up with.

I did this with some paint, cardboard, some left over card stock (because I didn't think to cut the ears out of the cardboard too lol ) a piece of wire, and some bits of left over pink polka dot streamer.

First I sketched out the number I wanted on some cardboard sitting in the recycling bin.

Next I cut it out. After I cut it out since the cardboard was corregated ( Pardon my spelling if it's incorrect ) I took some masking tape and sealed the sides so it would have a more finished edge.

After I was done with that I got the paint out. For the bottom half I first painted it white.

Then while that was drying I painted the black and then finally the pink. I used a piece of scrap cardstock cut out in the shape of a circle to help me outline my polka dots. I had to do a bit of touching up but it worked out pretty well.

Then since I didn't cut the ears out of the cardboard (duh) I used some left over card stock again to make the ears and hot glued that into place.

Then I took some scrap pieces of polka dot streamers that I was thinking about using for her party and folded it and glued the ends together. Then I took another scrap to wrap around the middle of the bow and act like the knot and glued that in place.

I was a little bummed after this step because I thought I had soem ribbon left over from back when I made Melody's Minnie easter basket but I was wrong so instead of using that as a hanger I had some wire from a project that is the same color as my door so it blends in well lol. And I hot glued that into place and that was it!

An adorable hanger and I didn't have to spend anything! All in all a great day!!! lol Enjoy! Pin It

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