Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ashley - Purses I made this past week

So about two and a half weeks ago my husband decided to volunteer me to make purses for a fundraiser for his unit. They were only expecting me to only make 3 bags but with this way awesome pattern I bought along with the rights to sell I decided to knock their socks off and make as many as I could. I got 8 bags done, which is crazy lol. They turned out amazing and there was lots of interest when I worked my 1 hour shift at the fundraiser. I'm very proud with how they turned out and I thought I would share :)

this is called the buttercup pattern and it is from this blog here . Take a minute to look around her blog, she is awesome and it's one that I check regularly. Keep checking back to our blog too. I'm gearing up to make more minnie decorations, I'm only 2 months out from Melody's 2nd birthday so I have to get cracking! Pin It

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