Saturday, June 23, 2012

Alisha - New Earrings!

Since I've been totally swamped I've been lacking in quilting and crafting (which should be illegal in my opinion). I have been collecting some fun buttons and other items to make earrings for my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter. I don't know about the rest of you but my daughter losses earrings like there's no tomorrow and those little babies can get expensive. Since Ashley and I have metal allergies I assumed my daughter does as well, so her earring posts have to be surgical steel or real gold. With her losing them all the time real gold is out the window and surgical steel won out! With a little digging and craftiness I managed to complete 6 pairs of earring before running out of studs.

Take a look at all the fun designs I've made:

Teal/Black dragonflies

 Pink flowers with stems (this is as close to a dangle as I'll let her get)
 Purple Parrots (I also have hot pink and teal!)
 Red hearts - these are a classic and I think I might've had a pair when I was a kid.
 White Owls - these are so fun!

Yellow stars - think I may have had a pair similar to this as a kid as well.
Here is the group of earring together. They are so fun to make and I think I'm ready to share with others! I'll be posting these plus more in my etsy shop which can be found here. Please bookmark my shop and come visit often - I'll be starting my hairbows up again too! Keep an eye out for a code for my blog friends only shortly! Pin It

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