Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cabinet into a table - Ashley

Hey everyone!
     I'm sorry I haven't been on, I have been down and out for a little while from a surgery so please forgive me. I inherited this cabinet from a friend because she put a cut out in her kitchen so she could see into the living room when cleaning after entertaining people and put a bar on the living room side of the cut out. It turned out very nice but she ended up having to get rid of some of her cabinets so she gave me the one that had gone over her sink. This is what I started with.

So I went out and got some stair rails to use as legs, some sand paper, paint, a couple hinges, handles, and a piece of wood for the top and got to work! This cabinet is laminate so I sanded it down and had my hubby build a top for me that would be hinged and would open so we could have a little nook to hide mail or something so my bar doesn't get cluttered with it anymore lol. I built a little frame with legs and set the cabinet on to attached it all together. Then I painted it all! Now this is only with one coat of paint on it but I was so excited to share I couldn't help it!

I will add more pictures later, I am also going to buy some wallpaper and put it in the interior of the cabinet to dress up everything so look back and I will update this post. Pin It

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