Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ashley - Rocket Baby Quilt

Hey there everyone! It's been too long I know, my friend invited my daughter and I to go with her back to her home in Massachusetts for the week since our husbands were in the field and so we loaded up the kiddos and went :) Very beautiful up there, it reminds me of my home Oregon. Anyhow you know how I was talking of another friend who was having a baby well I'm a bum and didn't get it done in time but I'm glad that I didn't rush this project because it was a bunch of work and my first time doing applique BUT all that aside I think it turned out beautiful, take a look and tell me what you think.

The back fabric is stars :)

This little boy wasn't a part of my original design. When I was cutting away the stabilizer on the back I accidentally cut the fabric and made a hole. At first I was DEVESTATED but with a little creative thinking I was able to cover it up, and I really like the little boy standing there.

Like I said a very big project but I love how it came out. Keep crafting and check back soon! Pin It

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