Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ashley - Minnie Mouse Party Part 5

So been trying to take party decorations and put a new spin on them. Last year I bought those little fans that you hang from the ceiling?

Well I had mentioned before that I had been cutting out tons of minnie mouse heads, well those were for these. I took some ribbon ( couldn't find what I wanted so I bough some white shimmery ribbon ) got out the glue gun and scissors and got to work :)

And you can see the Adorableness that turned out!

Now only 38 more heads to glue ( One on each side of my twenty fans ) Enjoy!

UPDATE: Better pictures for you and an idea on how to hang them. I'm going to hange them from the ceiling like it shows on the packaging so my fans are double sided but if you wanted to hange them like garland on some string it's pretty cute too :) Let me show you!

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