Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ashley - Minnie Mouse Christmas Ornaments :)

I know that I have been gone forever and Alisha and I apologize, life has been hectic. But enough about me I want to show you something sweet.

 I made these darling little ornaments from these awesome cookie cutters I found on Ebay. They have this cool little stamp that stamps the faces on there :) So I found a really awesome clay ornament recipe and got to work.

When I did this recipe I used wheat flour so that the color of the Minnie faces would be the right color so I wouldn't have to paint that flesh color on the faces. So I made my dough and rolled it out and got to cutting. Then I stamped them and I decided that I was going to put them in the oven to dry them out.

I left mine in a little longer then a 1/2 hour like the blog said because some were a little thicker then others. But while these were baking I set out work station and got ready to paint these puppies. Once they were out of the oven I got the acryllic paint out and my brushes and started the process of getting them all painted.

It may take you a little while. I had alittle help from my loving man :) (I have such a good man) and we made short work of the painting.

Next I took out my gloss and sprayed them out back on the back deck and let them dry.

Then to add my own little personal touch I glued a little rhinestone into the center of the flower on Minnie's hat. Girls have to have their little bit of glitz ;) And the final step after that is put the ribbon on there and I was all done!

I have more to put on my tree but here it is so far!

I love how it's looking!!!! And I love these little ornaments!

Now get to work ladies! Have fun and enjoy!!! :) Pin It

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