Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ashley - Minnie Mouse Party Part. 1

Hi everyone :)
     The other day while I was in line at the disney store getting Melody her free set of mouse ears I was standing in line next to a woman who was a party planner. We were making small talk and I was talking about how I wanted to get started on making decorations for Melody's party but my husband thought it was a little too early to start since her birthday is in the beginning of September. But she said no, that she starts that early it helps her get everything she wants for her kids parties made. So I spoke to hubby and since she said that and since I started this blog with my sister, I got the green light to start! And I knew exactly where to start, I saw these little garlands hanging in windows and I wanted to make them but I wanted to put a Minnie Mouse spin on them ( oh yes Minnie Mouse again ). Here is what I came up with and here is how I did it.

This is what your going to need:

Scrapbook paper

String ( I had some thinner yarn that I had got for free and that's what I use )

Mickey Mouse hole punch

Glue stick

For tools you'll need scissors, a tape measurer (if you don't know the size of  your windows), and I hung my strands on a shower rod that I had I just hung it in the window and tied them to that.

You're going to need some patience on this first step because you're going to be punching Minnie heads for a little bit lol, especially if you're doing this for more then one window.

Remember any heads you don't use for the window treatments you can use them as confetti :) After all of that you will need to go and measure your window so you know how long you will need to make each strand and how many strands you would like to make. Now grab your scissors and string and get to measuring and cutting.

And now for the last but most tedious step in my opinion. Take your glue stick, your mouse heads, and your pre cut pieces of string and start gluing the mouse heads together with the string glued in the middle of all of them. And you're finished!

You can also make a cute valance like I did with the fabric that I cut for my table runner (you will see it in the minnie mouse party part 2 post ) and dress it up even more and since I used a tension rod for a shower to tie my minnie mouse heads to, it will hide the tension rod! And there you have it!This adorable decor is ready for the party! Have fun!!!

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