Monday, April 2, 2012

Alisha's weekend recap

This weekend I had a little bit more time than I expected. I got my homework done earlier in the week so I was able to enjoy a little bit of time creating. This weekend I was able to make 2 pairs of earring, 1 necklace and 7 quilt bee blocks. I'm really just getting into jewelry making and I love it - my friend from high school is a great teacher! In fact I was at an event watching my boyfriend while I made a pair of earring when a the waitress asked how much I wanted for my earrings! It was the second piece of jewelry I'd ever made so I awkwardly told her I wasn't sure I wanted to sell them, after all I was making them for myself! Silly I know but I really wanted those earrings and I hadn't a clue how to price them. Ashley and I share a metal allergy so learning to make earrings we can afford to wear with surgical steel is really what motivated me to learn. We can wear pure gold and surgical steel - that's it. I have a few pair of gold posts but really wanted to branch my earring horizon out. What does everyone think?

This pair I made a matching earring and necklace set to go with a dress I plan to wear for Easter. I have bright red shoes so the set will match beautifully.

This pair of earrings I made after seeing an inspirational picture on Pinterest (if you aren't following me already you can find the link to the right).

I was also able to get caught up on several bee blocks (I hate admitting I was late!) so I'm feeling pretty good as April starts. I have midterms this week so my sewing may be limited, we'll see what I can squeeze in! First up I made 2 mod mosaic blocks using an tutorial from Oh Franson! (Elizabeth Hartman is great and also from the Portland area!). Smoochee sent the Kona charcoal for the sashing and a sample of purple, pink, yellow and one aqua piece.

I tried my hand at 2 granny square blocks, I like them but may need to cut my squares .25" larger because mine seem to come out a little smaller than I would like. I'm checked my quarter inch seem several times and I know it's scant but I'm still not as close to the final size as I would like. I'd rather trim a little extra than have a block that ends up too small.

Analeese from Pewter Acorn had us make 2 blocks for her as well. Her daughter is headed off to college soon and this quilt will be made for her in her college's colors. These were quick and fun to whip up.

I also made a scrap buster block for SewSarahSews. I have to admit it wasn't my favorite block to piece - the colored pieces are 1.5" square and there are 48 of them in this block! It does look striking and I'm sure her quilt will be beautiful!

 Additionally I cut and sent out many yards of fabrics for swaps. I'm in 2 - 5 yard charm swaps and 1 green charm swap. Here are my selections..

Last but certainly not least it was like Christmas when I received this package from Margaret in the ALFALC (A Little Fabric A Little Chocolate) swap. She was very generous and even sent books for the kids (which weren't pictured because they ran off with them).

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