Friday, April 6, 2012

Alisha - Turn pants into shorts!

So, a few days ago my daughter was playing in her room, I mean terrorizing her room when she ripped a nearly new pair of pants. She's literally worn them 3 times, they are the cutest pants from Old Navy that role up and button into capris for spring (she also has a pair in light grey). To say the least I was not amused and refused to throw them out - they were still new'ish right? Ashley can tell you, I don't sew clothes. Beautiful quilts, yes. Clothes, no. But I was determined to save this pair of pants by turning them into shorts. I'll give you a run down on how I did it and hopefully it will help you to save a little money too!

For starters let's take a look at the pants.. See the rip on the knee?

Here's the close up.. Not a small tear but a gaping hole!

First things first, lay out your pants as straight as possible. Pull the crotch out and lay one leg on top of the other making sure they're even.

Next you'll want to cut above the tear. Be sure to cut as straight as possible, I used a rotary cutter but you could use scissors if that's what you have at hand.

I tried to show in my picture that I cut fairly close to the tear because I was afraid my daughter would end up with Daisy Dukes but use your best judgement.

Next you'll want to create a hem, I eyeballed mine at first and then went back and measured to be sure they were at least somewhat close to matching. You can see I was a little off so I just adjusted the hem until they matched.

** I folded the pant legs over twice so all raw edges would be encased in the hem **

I would recommend trying them on your little one before you pin so you can check the length. And there I was worried about Daisy Dukes, more like pedal pushers!

Next, pin like it's go out of style! I used 3 or front to just tack everything down and then went back to add more pins. I found that while I was sewing the inside of the shorts would shift and you'd end up with a bubble and a big pleat if that happens. I know, you're groaning but I don't like pinning either.

** In the picture the shorts are a bit askew but I assure you they're straight. **

Next sew the leg hems. I used the edge of my presser foot as a guide. Pull out pins before you reach them so you don't break your machine needle. I've never broken one sewing over pins but you should be in the habit of pulling them before anyway.

** See all the pins? **

Cut all our thread tails and viola, you now have a new to you pair of shorts!
I need to work on laying my garments straighter but these shorts are even! Pin It

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