Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ashley - Bags I've made and useful tips for making your own

Ok I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back on here, my hubby returned to me broken and so I have been tending to him. If you were to ask Alisha what I am best at as far as crafting goes she would say making bags, I love making them. I have made quite a few of them out of army uniforms for other amy spouses and a even a couple bags for air force wives and marine wives. Let me show you a few that I've made and tell you some of the techniques and products I use to make them.

purse design by  A very cute purse.

A laptop tote, I used Velcro on the sides and 1in. foam in the center divider and if you don't have your laptop on you then you can just take that out and use all the spacein the bag.

Diaper bag

One thing I always use on all of my bags is fusible interfacing. They have different kind whee some are stiffer then others but it will give your bag structure and you can still have the option to wash the bag if you ever need to which is AMAZING. Another thing that I do is the way I line my bags is I make an outside bag and an inside bag then so I don't have any seams showing on the inside of the bag ( you will see this in that pleated bag tutorial so if you use this tip you can hide the seam ) I just put the inside bag in the outside bag and fold them in and pin the whole top down like that. Then run an 1/8in seam around the top and then just trim down your thread and your good to go! I should have a more in depth how to on a bag on here shortly, I have another bag to make for an army wife so keep your eyes open! Pin It

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  1. Thanks for the post. Hubby just bought me a sewing machine and im hoping to use some of his ACU to make me a bag or purse.