Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ashley - Spring time felt flowers :)

Hey everyone :)
     As you can probably imagine I had a bit of tulle left over from when I made Melody her easter basket so I thought to myself what else can I use that in. Then I got to thinking about the felt that we had left over from Christmas ( I didn't end up using it because I made Stockings out of interfacing and fabric from one of my husbands old army uniforms) So I was trying t coe up with ways to use both and this is what I came up with.

So here's how you do it. First these are the supplies your going to need.


Alligator clips



Then for tools you will need scissor, needle, thread, hot glue gun, and a pen.

Let's get to work!!! First what you need to do is cut out a petal shape that you like. Once that's all done you will need to trace the amount of petals you will want with your pen onto your felt.

Then cut them out. 

Ok after those are all cut then you will take out your and cut out rectangle pieces about as wide and as tall as your petals. Then you will take those little tulle pieces take the long side and roll it tightly. then while keeping it rolled you will take one of your felt petals and pinch the tulle in between the two edges of the felt, hot glue it, and then pinchit until it's cool and glued together well. This is what they should look like.

Do that to all your petals. After your done with that step you are going to get out your needle and thread. I doubled up my thread so it was stronger. Thread your needle, tie a knot at the end and then one by one you will thread your petals onto the thread. When your done with that cut the thread but make sure you leave enough thread on both sides to be able to tie with like this.

Now take both ends, pull as tight as you can, tie it off, and then trim off the ends.

Now take your rinestone and your glue gun and and glue the center in place. Now you will put your pretty flower aside and get your alligator clip out and a piece of scrap felt and cut a rectangle out. Take your rectangle and sandwich it in between the top piece of the alligator clip. Now add some hot glue to hold the felt on the clip and then you can trim that how you like.

Then you take your flower and your alligator clip, put a little hot glue down and YOU'RE DONE!

Perfect for the springtime :)
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