Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ashley - 30 minute sleep mask!

So you know those days when the kids are down and you really want to catch a nap yourself but it's ALWAYS too light to actually get to sleep? I have that problem, unless I am incredibly tired I can't fall asleep if it's light out so I decided that I was going to make myself a sleep mask so when Melody is getting some shut eye I have the option to get some too :)

You will need:

fabric of choice ( the darker the better )

Satin ( for the liner )

Fleece or batting

Matching thread

Ribbon for the edging or you can make some binding from your left overs from the fat quarter


Paper ( tracing paper would be best )

Ok let's get going :) First take your paper out and trace out the shape you want. I folded my paper in half and used the ribbon spool like this.

What I came up with.

Next you will take your outside fabric, your batting, and your satin and lay them out together and pin your template to them.

Cut the shape out.

Now tear the paper off without taking your pins out. It will be hard to line everything up again if you take the pins out.

Next you will take your fabric pieces and run it through your machine. You will want to use an Overcasting stitch, it will keep everything in place and make it easier to put your binding on it. While your running this stitch your also going to want to add your elastic in. The way I measured out my elastic is I measured a piece that went from ear to ear. This is what it looked like while I was sewing it all together.

After your done with that it will have a stitch that will hold your edges together but if you want a more finished look your going to want to put ribbon or binding around the whole outside.

This is withot a binding.

And this is with :) Either way it will be perfect for your nap time :) Have fun and enjoy!!!

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