Friday, April 20, 2012

Ashley - Trash bag container!

Hi everyone! I'm back, it's been a long week! I have a friend being induced with her fifth child on Thursday so I have been busting my rear to try and get her baby gift done ( a rocket ship quilt for her little boys room which I will post when I'm all done with it ). I know I had to get something on here and I have been meaning to do this. At the bottom of my pantry I have dozens of plastic bags that I have wanted to find a new home for because I do use them I just don't like the cluttered look that comes with putting them in the pantry. I have been looking on pinterest and there was a tutorial on how to use old lysol wipe containers and fold your bags so they dispense like the wipes do. Here is where I found the tutorial and now I have liberated my pantry floor from all the mess! I even put scrapbook stickers on there reading the words " trash bags " as a helpful hint for my husband, we will see if they work lol. Enjoy!

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