Monday, April 30, 2012

Ashley - DIY Cookie Jar

Hey everyone! So my friend gave me this terrific cookie recipe so during nap time today I made them and they were heavenly. But as I was taking my baked cookies were coing off the pan I knew I was going to have to stack them on a plate and I hate that. I immediately had to have a cookie jar lol. So I set off to work. I had this container for my daughters animal crackers and so I transferred them into a ziploc baggy and began the transformation. Now this is what I started with....

This is what I used to do this:

spray paint

acrylic paint ( I used black, white, blue, and pink )


Fray check

clear sealent (optional)

paint brushes

Scrapbook letters

and PATIENCE lol

 First I took off all the stickers and washed it. Then  took out this really rool copper colored spray paint that I had left from another project I used it on and took my lid off stood it upside down on it's top and sprayed. Make sure you watch for spot you missed, they are hard to spot. After it's all dry bring it back in and bust out the scrap book letters.

I placed them where I wanted and painted over the letters in that whole oval with black acrylic paint. After I did that and let it dry I started peeling off the stickers VERY CAREFULLY.

Then you paint the letters left behind white :) go slow and use a small brush. I also filled in all the little details on the bear in black on his paws and started painting in his eyes. 

It takes a while and there were lots of little touch ups but it looks so great after, I also painted in the little ears. Next I took it out and put the clear coat on it and again let it dry. 

After it was dry I put the little ribbon bow tie on him and used the fray check on the ends AND BOOM! You have yourself an adorable cookie jar :)

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