Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alisha - Rainbow Hexie Update!

First let me say that I absolutely love the way this quilt is turning out. I wasn't sure I would like the rainbow effect but boy is it stunning! If you follow me on flickr then you saw the last update for my rainbow hexie quilt but look at it now!! This is 370 hexies measuring 1" on each side. I've been funding my rainbow hexie quilt with all of the rainbow charm swaps I've been in, 2 of which were 5 yard swaps! I can't wait to add more hexies!
Can you see my acrylic ruler on the right? It measures 24" to give you an idea how large the quilt top is at this point. I'm guessing the top measures about 34" x 28"
I've considered putting the rainbow on the diagonal starting with yellow maybe? What you think?

And just because they look so cool, here are the hexies stored..

Also last week I was able to finish up a really cute skirt for Anika. You can find a tutorial by Made by Dana here. I really like how it turned out but if I make it again I might make the ruffles a bit wider so they cover more of the connector pieces. I also would love to get my hands on a serger as this skirt would be so much more pretty inside!

Last but not least I was able to get my hands on a twin size quilt kit for the Spiked Punch pattern. Pink, red and aqua will look lovely set against the Kona white. I'm going to try and start this soon!

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  1. Wow! That's going to be amazing. How large are you planning to go with it?

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I'd keep them out and just look at them all day!

  3. Hi Lynn and thanks for your question! I wanted to make it at least queen size but I'm considering king. Since I plan to send it out to be quilted I don't have to be limited to twin or smaller. I can't tell you how excited I am with the way it's turning out!

  4. I think it is turning out amazing! I am not sure what you mean by going on the diagonal--will you add that to what is there already?

    1. Instead of sewing the rows straight - I would lay them out so they run diagonally. So for example I might start with yellow in the top left corner and move to orange, etc.. ending with purple in the bottom right corner. I'll lay it out on the diagonal next time and let everyone share their opinion! :)