Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ashley - Monsters Inc. Easter Eggs

Hi there! I have been seeing that you guys have been loving the Minnie Mouse eggs from last year so I thought I would start on ideas for this year. Melody is IN LOVE with Monsters Inc. so that's where I got the inspiration. It's a bit hard finding Easter eggs in January is a little hard lol so this is all I could find (dollar tree) and I figured I could give it try and try to get the designs off the eggs I wanted to use so I took some Q-tips and some acetone based ail polish remover and guess what... it worked! 

Once I was done cleaning the eggs up I set up my work station. for this project you will need:

blue and black paint
purple, white, and black felt scraps
glue gun
white yarn
paper hole savers (for notebook paper)
and toothpicks

The first egg I started on was the Boo egg :) first of all the nice part about these eggs I found was they have holes in the top part of the egg to stick the tooth picks into. This will come in handy later.

I first made the mop for the top of her costume. I made a little yarn pom for the top. Just take a length of yarn, and wrap it around your fingers, then you will take the rings off your fingers and tie them together in the middle. Then you will cut the loops on both sides and have your mop :) Here's pictures if my crazy wording didn't help lol. 

Now that you have your mop take your glue gun and glue it to your egg. After your finished with that you can place and stick your toothpicks. And the final touch is to take your black and white felt scraps and and cut out the lamp/ eyeballs and glue them to your work :) And there is your first egg. 

For Mike all I did was take a hole punch saver and line it up to the holes on the top of the egg and place it. Then I took a little blue paint and painted the inside of the hole punch saver and made it look like an eye. The final touch was I broke off the ends of a tooth pick and glued them in for Mike's little horns. 

And then last but not least for Sulley. At first I was just going to paint his spots on but as you can tell after painting Mike's eyes you have to pile that paint on. So what I did was I just took some felt that I had that was the right color, cut out blob shapes and glued them on. It turned out well I think :)

And that's it! Here are the finished products in the little backdrop I made for them lol. 

This project was quick and easy, give it a try! 

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