Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ashley - Quiet Book part 1

     So I am getting ready for the long journey home to see my family back in Oregon! I'm so excited to see Alisha and the kids along with my mom, dad, grandparents, and friends. But getting to Oregon is a long flight. It's almost 7 hours flying and that doesn't include the one or two layovers I have along with that. And now that I have a little girl that is two she needs some form of entertainment. That's when I started poking around pinterest and found the quiet book and I instantly fell in love lol. So I pinned some templates and then got to work!

This is my first page.

You can find a template on this awesome lady's website This was super simple. I made a couple little changes to it, the little pouch she made to hold all the pieces was cute but I wanted to make something where Melody could see what she was grabbing so I used vinyl. And the only other different thing I did was I just used white thread from everything instead of changing out all the time. Its hard to find bobbins  for my maachine lol so I didn't have the extras to load all the different colors. When I make the front cover and the next pages I will put an interfacing between the pages to keep them sturdy. Turned out pretty awesome right?
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