Friday, April 26, 2013

Alisha - A Lovely Year of Finishes April Finish!

I started on my April goal with gusto, I laid out all the fabric I had from the fat quarter bundle I used to piece the front. I thought I might have enough for the back so I went about pressing and squaring all the random pieces. I didn't pay too much attention to sizing all the pieces the same - I wanted to carry the wonkiness to the back :) . After I squared all the pieces I started laying them out which took me a few hours. I pieced the rows and packed everything away, that was around the 5th. Fast forward to today and I realized I hadn't finished and I desperately wanted to keep my finish streak alive so back to sewing I went!

The back is interesting to look at and I'm still debating if I want to add a border - I didn't check the size of the back but I think I need a few more inches all the way around. I was thinking white to break up the busy prints and give your eyes a place to rest but yellow might work too. Thoughts?

Here are the top and back together (sorry I didn't press the top!) Pin It

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  1. I love a scrappy back, nice work.