Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alisha - A Lovely Year of Finishes - March's finish and April's Goal

I'm a little late in blogging my finish but I was able to post my picture on flickr and get linked up. Whew! With that all done I can focus on taking lovely pictures and setting my April goal - time is flying!

Here is my beautiful March finish quilted, bound and washed!

 Here is the top and a close up of the quilting. Unfortunately I didn't have anyone to hold the quilt up for me but I think the picture are alright.

The back is kind of low key but carries some of the color from the front to the back, which I do love.

On to April! If you'll remember one of my previous goals was to finish my wonky stars quilt top (which was worked on by the lovely ladies of a bee I participated in).

Given that I had an entire fat quarter bundle of this line I had some left over... So I dug the scrap out to asses what I had and how I might be able to incorporate it into the back.

I have far more than I thought I did. I'm thinking I might sew some of the smaller pieces together to make larger blocks and see if I can stretch what's left to make the back. Since school is consuming more time than it usually does my goal is to just get the back pieced. I'll have to save quilting it for a another month's goal.

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  1. I'm a sucker for a rainbow-ish quilt. Very pretty!