Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alisha - Tula Pink 10" Swap

I think I have an addiction to swaps as of late... I decided to join yet another but... It's Tula Pink so how could I resist! I have to admit that I was completely bummed to find out that I had already missed rounds 1-3 and all the great fabrics to go along with. However, I made it just in the nick of time for round 4 and 5 (which happen to be combined!).

Apparently the group has been searching for participants to finish the round (gasp!). I joined yesterday and was able to pick my fabrics with relative ease. The great thing about the swap is they are trying to not to duplicate any fabrics as they progress through all the different fabric lines. They do this by keeping detailed lists by line so it's fairly easy to identify what is and is not already taken.

I ended up selecting 1 fabric from Parisville and 1 from The Birds and The Bees. Here are my pretties:

If you want more information you can find it here, which is Mama Spark's blog (the host). I hope to see you over there!

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