Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ashley - Easy storage for your fat quarters :)

     Ok so my love and I are setting up the guest room to really act as my craft room now. I need the extra room with the blog and with us deciding to start an embroidery business. ( these poor guys are so overcharged at the sewing shops here around posts and they don't even offer overnight services which a lot of guys need since they told some things last minute). Well I am having to come up with places for everything to go and I'm having a hard time because well our guest room isn't the biggest room and I have SO MUCH craft stuff that we are having to get creative lol. That's why I'm so psyched that my husband came up with this supe simple solution for fat quarter storage.

     An old CD rack has a new use! I was just about to throw this CD rack out now, but now it has a nice useful purpose and fits all my fat quarters. I can't buy anymore quarters until I use a few haha ecause I've reached it's capacity but hey it works right? Just thought I would share. Enjoy the weekend!
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