Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ashley - Quiet book pages part 3

    Hey everyone! so I have been trying to get cooking on the rest of this quiet book because I fly home to see my family in less then 3 weeks now! So aunt Alisha has been poking around online and found an adorable site with a felt doll pattern for my embroidery machine and well I just had to get it and make it for Melody. This is where we got the pattern: Make sure you take a look around because she has some amazing designs! And here is my finished product.

I added the little wardrobe (yes it does hold all the outfits) and the mirror. It turned out so incredibly cute. I'm thinking I might add a little rug or something to take up some more of that free space but we will see what I have time for. I can't wait to make more outfits lol That Sleeping beauty dress is SO cute! I have a Cinderella kind of dress too to make and I'm thinking of buying the other princess dresses she designed too lol.

lol all the other patterned felt I have to try. I really want to make the Rapunzel dress out of that purple and pink ond in the middle :) Check back for updates and more quiet book pages! Pin It

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