Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ashley - a craft update

I'm very sorry I've been so busy lately! I've still been crafting I just haven't taken the time to actually sit down and post things for you. So I'm going to post the pictures and then explain them that will be easiest.

This was the shirt I made for Melody to wear on Easter :) My husband is in an artillery unit so the saying goes along with that. My first applique on my new machine and it turned out great.

Someone, we wont name names (Alisha), got me hooked on felties so now I'm making felties lol, so if any of you bow makers need felties leave a comment and if there is interest I will start up and link an etsy store to the page :) These were made for my niece who just started playing T-ball, her first game is Monday!

This design I found on etsy and I'm hoping that a certain aunt to a certain little girl will make her hairbows to match when school slows down for her a little lol.


First off this isn't a finished pictures, I accidently deleted it before I shared :/ This bunting I made for my husband's unit's easter party. I put little berets on all the bunnies and I embroidered in each of them. This idea comes from one of Alisha and mine's favorite blogs. Here is the original post on that site. Take a look around at all her other stuff too you will love it!

Ok and I still have a couple projects going right now so I should be on soon to fill you guys in again. Have a wonderful day and check back soon!
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