Friday, February 1, 2013

Alisha - Back with a vengence

I'm back......

Where have I been you ask... Well, busy. :) Carrying my full time school schedule on top of the kids and volunteering at the school and bowling alley and it makes for a very busy Alisha. However, I've recommitted myself to quilting and to the blog! (Aren't we all so lucky?!)

To help me along on my new and improved me I found a support group on flickr. I loved the concept of this group of ladies and knew I wanted to join in the minute I read the description. A Lovely Year of Finishes is a large group of quilters that are looking to finish at least 1 project a month for the entire year and the best part is there are prizes! So to join the group all you had to do was pick a sewing project, a goal and post a before and after to the linky party (how easy is that?).

In January I chose a wonky star quilt that I had bee mates working on in Gone Quiltin' Bee. Here was my before picture:

Wonky stars in Promenade.

I had 24 completed blocks and the remnants of the fat quarter bundle I started with. Instead of making a very vanilla quilt top with all the plain grey background I struck out to make mirror image blocks! By mirror image I mean I used the colored squares as the background and the grey as the wonky stars. I didn't want to overshadow the grey background blocks so I only made 6 mirror image blocks and pieced the top just in time for the end of the month.

Here is the finished product:

Wonky stars in promenade

I love how it turned out - I'm still not 100% on the placement of the mirror blocks but it's together so no going back now! Since I still have a ton of fabric left over from the fat quarters I'm thinking the back will be a hodge-podge of all the left over fat quarters and I'm still contemplating a border (I'm thinking the bream background with purple flowers print).

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