Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alisha - A Lovely Year of Finishes February

If you'll recall I posted in January that I was participating in a group on Flickr that was all about finishing projects - not something usually up my alley. I'm so good at starting them and getting half way I figure why bother with finishing.... Until this year, I'm really trying to put fourth extra effort in completing projects and it's gone wonderfully thus far! If you'll remember my goal for February was to turn a quilt kit I bought about a year ago in to a completed quilt top and I did it - with time to spare even!!

Here she is: (yes my quilt top is a she!)

Isn't she beautiful!?! I went out of my comfort zone and placed all the pieces in a brown paper sack and just drew them out at random and sewed (another first for my OCD self). Some places don't have as much stagger as I wanted but I truly am happy with the way it turned out! Now I need to find my self a backing - any suggestions?

She might take up residence on my bed.. Not sure yet, my daughter might try to steal her though too!

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  1. Oh what a great project! And what a good idea to put these in a sack and just live with what comes out.

    Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Congratulations on your finish! Personally I tend toward pieced backings,but that is just me.

  3. Great job! Finishing up an old project feels so good, doesn't it?

  4. It does feel good to get it done. I was little embarrassed that I wanted this kit so badly and then sat on it for so long....