Monday, February 4, 2013

Alisha - Bowling Project

As you may or may not know both of my children are part of a Saturday morning bowling league. Both of the kids have been bowling on league since they were 3. They have the cutest little "jerseys" (collared shirts with their last names across the back). Over the coarse of the season they win patches based on their scores in relation to their averages. These patches then need to be sewn onto their bowling jerseys - I HATE this task. No matter how much I pin they always shift which annoys me to no end (Ashley will tell you I'm OCD like that). So I struck out looking for a better way - in walks stitch witchery! I love this stuff - cut it to fit under the patch and hit it with an iron. Viola, the patches stay where I place them on the shirt long enough for me to sew them down with my machine.

Here is what some of it looks like:

 After I got those on (and my daughter's - I had 8 total patches to sew on!) I started on my next project. I ordered a couple different types of charms to make earrings with so I whipped those up fora novelty sale to benefit the scholarship fund for the junior league bowlers. These were so much fun but I'm already out of the silver bowling pin and ball charms!

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